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The notary is the lawyer of the agreement. He works in the field of good understanding rather than on conflict. The notary involved in important moments in people’s lives. His advice is geared towards the needs of couples and families today; single-parent, blended or not.

During your life, you are called upon to make important decisions. Think of your union or the breach, to buying a home, having a child or acquisition of a company and, inevitably, to those who will succeed you when you die. However, before the proliferation of laws and their increasing complexity, it is difficult to measure or assess the legal implications of your decisions.





The notary is a recognized expert in the field of real estate law. The most elementary prudence also suggests to use its services before committing to anything, especially in writing. A large majority of buyers do not know in fact that once signed and accepted offer, it is very difficult to change the terms or cancel.

Avoid the contractor’s debts become yours!
Avoid being responsible for the mortgage debt from your vendor
Evaluate the different methods of financing
Protect the money stakeholders
Protect spouses who buy property together
To ensure the validity of the document
Obtain necessary permits



Contrary to popular belief, the protection provided by the Civil Code of Québec for couples legally married or in a civil union does not apply to common-law spouses (or common law). This is so even if the cohabitants have lived together all their lives. By cons, some social or fiscal laws to give the de facto spouse (of the opposite sex or the same sex) the same rights as married couples or civil. Each of these laws establishes its own criteria for the recognition of certain legal effects Union (duration of cohabitation, existence of a child, etc.). But these are exceptions from which we can deduce a general rule.

• Determine the rules governing your relationship



For self-employed and small business owners, it can be very risky to merge their personal assets with those of their business. In doing so, they expose themselves to serious financial difficulties or even prosecution professional liability. Sometimes a simple legal advice can prevent a lifetime savings are threatened. Why go without?



The estate settlement is too often the opportunity to re-emergence of old grudges. Even the most loving families are no exception. Why? Because the death of a loved one is in itself a highly destabilizing situation emotionally and that the estate settlement raises mostly difficulties that the deceased could not suspect. Another reason often is that an estate liquidator, that is to say, the person appointed to settle the estate, does not understand its role and responsibilities to other family members.

If you are responsible for settling an estate, know that your lawyer you could be a great help. Legal expertise qualifies him to advise you with regard to all necessary decisions. Do not leave anything to chance. For peace of mind, consult your solicitor.



To be fully effective, the mandate must be as complete and accurate as possible. With an extensive legal training and experience, the notary is able to establish a custom demerit term for you.

• The appointment of a proxy to himself and another to his property
• The refusal of certain treatments
• The Heritage Financial Management
• The appointment of a guardian
• Managing a business
• The appointment of a replacement
• Change in representative


Notary and Legal Counsel

By her legal training and over 27 years of experience,
Me. Anne-Marie Gougeon can help you make informed choices.



Notary and Legal Counsel

By her legal training and over 27 years of experience,
Me. Anne-Marie Gougeon can help you make informed choices.


Me Gougeon is at your service while remaining neutral and in compliance with the law.


The deed of Me Gougeon is a safe and sustainable reference that the legal soundness protect you.


The legal jurisdiction and neutrality of Me Gougeon are part of her professional status.



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